Lesson Options

After School Lessons

Ponies After School Programme

Our after school sessions run from 3.30 to 5pm on weekdays. Later pickup by arrangement.  These sessions include horse mastership (grooming, saddling etc) and a one hour riding lesson. We can pick up your child from school on certain days. Children can attend one or more afternoons per week. Please ring or email for more information.

$55 - one and a half hours


Pony Lead Rein

This lesson is for young children learner riders.  Children will be taught on one of our small ponies and kept on the lead.

Your child will learn early riding skills such as making the pony walk, steering and stopping. We will teach your child the correct riding position, balance and confidence.

$40 - 30 minutes

$60 - one hour

Group Lessons

Learning in a small group is fun and enables students to enhance learning by watching others.  

Riders are grouped by ability.  In the beginners lessons you will learn how to make the horse move forward, steering skills and halting.  A strong emphasis is placed on rider position and balance.  These lessons include ridden games and fun mounted activities to keep it interesting.

In the intermediate class, riders are ready to begin cantering and jumping, building on the basic riding skills.  The instructor will be encouraging more consistency in both the rider and the way the horse goes as students become more accomplished.

In our advanced lessons we focus on more serious dressage  and jumping instruction.   In the advanced class there is also an emphasis teaching the rider how to educating the horse.

For all group lessons riders are welcome to bring their own horse or pony. 

$55 - one hour

Private Lessons

A private lesson is all about you!  We will have a chat before the lesson to ensure we are working towards your goals.  

Private lessons are appropriate for all levels or riders who want to fast track their improvement and benefit from one to one instruction.

You are welcome to bring your own horse or pony to private lessons.

$80 - one hour