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Breaking In

We offer breaking in services for ponies, race horses and sport horses.

Our breaking in staff are experienced with all sorts of horses and treat each horse as an individual.  All horses are taken quietly without any pressure put on them, and allowed to accept and learn at their own pace.

We will teach your horse to work alone in the arena, work with other horses and hack out over the farm.



We can tailor a programme to suit the particular needs of your horse or pony. Specific problems can be addressed, please contact us to discuss how we can help.  Jump schooling is a specialty, we can teach your horse to jump calmly, confidently and use a good technique.


Fitness and Horse Boarding

If you are going away, we can take your equine family member for a holiday of his own.  Options are available including or excluding ridden work. 

The rolling hills on the farm are perfect for hacking and hunter fitness.